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Our mission

Pan de Vida, meaning ‘Bread that gives life’, wants to give underprivileged children in Peru a promising future by proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ and providing them with healthy food, school supplies, scholarships, and other materials that promote the well-being of children.

Pan de Vida’s vision

Een van de kinderen in Peru die veel op straat is

We see…

We see a world where poverty and oppression reign and where people and organizations abuse their power. A world where children are the victims of malfunctioning economic systems. Many people live for themselves. The ordinary man and woman often do not benefit from economic progress.

Children in Peru

We want to share the love of Jesus by helping the poorest children and families in Peru emerge from spiraling poverty. We see a blossoming country before us where everyone, young and old, has the prospect of a promising future.

We want to inspire and help people and organizations in the Netherlands to make a concrete contribution to the fight against child poverty in Peru.

De kinderen van Peru is een kinderrestaurant

Say no to poverty

Believe in change!

In October 1986, we; Wilkin & Aukje van de Kamp, flew to Peru (South America) for the first time to adopt our – then three-year-old – son Joel Carlos. Almost eighteen years later (in the summer of 2004), we flew back to Peru to attend our Peruvian son and daughter-in-law’s wedding. Carlos and Mariela and their four daughters now live in Arequipa, the second-largest city in Peru after Lima. God has opened their hearts to the many children in this city, who never get the chance to be children and are often forced to work on the streets.

Wilkin van de Kamp - Ambassadeur van Pan de Vida
Wilkin van de Kamp


Aukje van de Kamp - ambassadeur van Pan de Vida
Aukje van de Kamp


Carlos die opkomt voor de kinderen van Peru

Together with their Peruvian employees, they now lead more than forty Christian humanitarian projects throughout Peru. It is their and our desire to help these children with God’s love and to free them from the grip of poverty. As ambassadors of Pan de Vida, we are impressed by the love and dedication of all Peruvian employees. With a little bit from us, they can give many children a promising future. We warmly recommend the work of Pan de Vida and ask you: ‘Help Carlos and Mariela help the children of Peru!’

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Click here to see our Peruvian and Dutch board of directors.

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