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Give children in Peru



5 projects

There are 5 active projects in Arequipa. Carlos and Mariela also live here with their 4 daughters. Arequipa also has an orphanage and a daycare center.


2 projects

There are 2 active projects in Ayacucho. One in the city of Huamanga and one in a mountain village at an altitude of about 4000 m.


6 projects

There are 6 active projects in Cajamarca. That’s quite a lot for this region. Some of them are in the backwoods.


1 project

Currently, there is 1 active project in the city of Ica.


10 projects

No less than 10 projects are active in Junín, even though this is not a remarkably large region. Unfortunately, the demand for help in this region is high, but luckily, we can offer help there.

La Libertad

2 projects

La Libertad has 2 projects. This is a coastal region with highlands.


1 project

This large coastal region has one active Pan de Vida project. It is located in a poor neighborhood in the city of Lima.


1 project

Loreto is Peru’s largest region. The vast majority of this region consists of rainforests that are difficult to reach. That is why there is only 1 Pan de Vida project in Loreto.


13 projects

This region bordering the Pacific Ocean has no less than 13 Pan de Vida projects. We are very grateful that we can help so many children here.


1 project

This region on Lake Titicaca has 1 Pan de Vida project. This project is active in Cusini in the mountains at high altitude.


2 projects

This region is located on the border of Ecuador. Tumbes is very small, and there are 2 active projects.

Our projects

in Peru

More than 40 projects have already been realized in the poor neighborhoods of Peru. Pan de Vida is active in several departementos (regions). We distribute meals, take care of children, and support families. Together, we are building a promising future. Will you help us?

Our mission

Pan de Vida, meaning ‘Bread that gives life’, wants to give underprivileged children in Peru a promising future by proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ and providing them with healthy food, school supplies, scholarships, and other materials that promote the well-being of children.

Carlos explains

The beginning

“If you look into the eyes of one of the Peruvian children, you know that the help we give is not merely a drop in the ocean. I once belonged to that group of children who had no hope and no future. Miraculously, God sent me to the Netherlands to be adopted”.

Documentary (1)

“He knows my name”

Watch the powerful story of Carlos, who, as a two-year-old boy, was abandoned in Peru and adopted by his Dutch parents. At the age of 20, he leaves everything behind to share God’s love with the poorest children in the slums of Peru.

Documentary (2)

“A Journey Of Miracles”

At the age of 20, Carlos left everything behind to help Peru’s poorest children. Within a year, his dream had disappeared, and he only had crackers left to eat. At that time, his adoptive mother embarked on an extraordinary adventure. In this moving documentary, Carlos and Aukje tell how her wonderful journey led to thousands of children in Peru being fed every day. This film has been awarded a Crown Award in America and Europe.

Dorp in Peru

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